Krystal Ball Officially Secures Democratic Nomination

Congratulations to Krystal Ball who secured the Democratic nomination in Virginia’s First Congressional District this evening by reaching the magic number of 101 delegates! Her nomination is now all but certain at a May 8, 2010 Convention to be held in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Via a press release this evening from the Ball Campaign:

Krystal Ball to win nomination for Congress

Ball wins the 101 needed to secure the Democratic nomination

SPOTSYLVANIA, VA. – With contests this evening in Spotsylvania, Westmoreland, and Williamsburg, Democratic candidate for Congress Krystal Ball has secured the 101 Delegates needed for the First Ballot at the Nominating Convention on May 8, 2010 in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

“I am extremely grateful to voters all over the First District of Virginia for giving me the opportunity to fight for them. We surprised a lot of people with this victory and we are going to bring that same energy and focus to take on the Republican nominee in the fall,” said Ball.

“Our veterans and military families in Virginia deserve more from their Representative in Washington DC, said Capt. Chris Rey a former Army Officer “Krystal will focus on helping our working families and our small businesses,” said Teresa Barton owner of a small business, Barton and Williams School of Dance, in Stafford County.

Due to the strong show of support for Ball, her primary opponent for the nomination Scott Robinson suspended his campaign last week. Ball will go into the convention unopposed and with the requisite number of delegates needed to secure the nomination.

Virginia native Krystal Ball grew up in King George County. She is a graduate of the University of Virginia. She is a small business owner running an educational software company with her husband Jonathan. They live in Fredericksburg and are the proud parents of a daughter Ella, aged 2.

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4 comments on “Krystal Ball Officially Secures Democratic Nomination
  1. kate says:

    Krystal Ball is a political opportunist whose opinions change based on how the wind is blowing. If she believes so much in the public option, why is there nothing on health care on her website? Why did she delete everything she had on her website about being pro-gun ownership?

    Watch how fast she can run towards the middle in her desparate attempt to win this conservative seat. She stands for nothing other than herself.

    • Marc says:

      Kate – Krystal has been consistent throughout this entire campaign on her positions on the public option and on guns. See here and here.

      I take it that you plan on voting for our current do nothing Congressman?! If you want to engage in an actual conversation on the issues versus throwing out opinions as fact, I’d be happy to do so.

  2. Alicia says:


  3. Moderate By Nature says:

    I wouldn’t comment on Krystal Ball as a person or candidate but yes Kate, you are right about Healthcare. I believe every candidate owes it to the voters to be upfront about where they stand on today’s most important issues (jobs, taxes, economy, healthcare, national defense). Ball has been outspoken about her stance on it, but it is missing from her website. I certainly hope it is not missing from her printed literature outlining her positions as well, that would be shying away from her beliefs to try and gain a bit more “Red” in the Crimson Shaded 1st CD.

    Gun ownership, who cares… that is more of a rallying cry position than one that will actually be changed by Congress.