Cuccinelli Has Mandate to Continue Wasting Our Tax Dollars

At the same April 10th Tea Party Rally in Stafford, VA where Corey Stewart compared the Obama Administration to the Nazi Regime, Ken Cuccinelli insisted that he had a mandate to reign in the Federal Government. He pretty much stated that we should expect more of the same from him (i.e. more frivolous lawsuits).

My favorite quote from him was, “There’s no hide the ball with Ken Cuccinelli. What you see is what you get.” So Ken, if you’re so open, why don’t you level with taxpayers on how much these frivolous lawsuits are costing us? If you have nothing to hide, why don’t you turn over the information requested in a second FOIA request by the Democratic Party of Virginia? They recently requested the following information:

The schedules of Ken Cuccinelli, Solicitor General Duncan Getchell and Deputy Attorney General Wesley Russell for the month of March; a log of communication between Cuccinelli and national Republican political organizations about the lawsuit; a log of communication between Cuccinelli and 13 other state attorneys general who filed suit; communication between Cuccinelli and Governor Bob McDonnell regarding the health care legislation; a list of current Office of Attorney General staff and their salaries.

What’s clear is that Cuccinelli is using the Attorney General’s office to further his political agenda.

Of course, Cuccinelli continues to claim that this lawsuit has only cost $350; and, he has continued to hide the true costs of this lawsuit. If anyone out there actually believes that this lawsuit has only cost $350, I have a bridge to sell you in Alaska.

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