Stafford Tea Party Leader Vince Ellis is a “Hater”

Vince Ellis, leader of the Stafford County Tea Party, spoke at their April 10th Tea Party Rally in Stafford County, Virginia. He wanted to make sure that everyone knew that he was a “hater.”

He hates sexual predators, he hates rapists, he hates sexism, he hates murderers, he hates national debt, he hates social medicine, he hates auto companies, he hates banks, he hates student loans, he hates lies in the public schools and he hates bigotry against Christians.

Vince Ellis is one big hater!

So anyone against him and his radical group must love sexual predators, rapists, sexism, bigotry, murderers, national debt, etc. Doesn’t everyone hate student loans, banks and auto companies?! This guy obviously is not playing with a full deck here.

To think that this guy mentioned later that he would be working on writing educational legislation with Del. Mark Cole (R-88th), this should scare the heck out of everyone.

The fact that Virginia Republicans were falling all over themselves to speak at this rally should tell you just how far of a fringe party they have become!

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