Is Stafford County “Better off with Fetterolf”? You Betcha!

As many of my regular readers know, the issue that I’m most passionate about, locally, is strengthening our public education system – something the Republican-led Stafford County Board of Supervisors could care less about. Last year I wrote about how education was clearly not a priority for Stafford County Republicans, evident by the fact that they were spending $60 per day on inmates vs. $21 per day ($3 per hour) on each student.

Furthermore, the board also adopted an economic development plan, which made absolutely no mention of our public education system. They simply do not view a high-quality education system as an economic incentive, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Enter Supervisor Cord Sterling (R-Rock Hill). In an unforgettable moment last year, he stood on the courthouse steps and launched a blistering attack on our school board – calling for them to be fired. Not what I would have done to establish a good working relationship with them.

With Cord’s seat up for re-election this year, voters can finally FIRE HIM!

Stafford Democrats came up empty in recruiting a candidate for this seat, but luckily voters have not. Dr. Dean Fetterolf (I-Rock Hill) believes Stafford is “Better off with Fetterolf” and SO DO I!

Pictured: Dr. Dean Fetterolf (I-Rock Hill)

For the last few years, Dean has chaired the School Board’s Finance and Budget Advisory Committee. There is not a single person more passionate and knowledgeable than Dean on what goes into building and, most importantly, maintaining a top-notch school system. He also understands that a quality school system can be used as a powerful economic incentive for attracting new businesses and families, which has a direct impact on our property values.

He rightfully notes that the amount of funds transferred to schools, as a percentage of total county spending, has fallen more than 16% since 2006. How does this compare to our neighbors? Despite a recession, our neighbors have increased their funding above their existing required local effort by an average of 20%. Stafford has CUT it by 30%. 30%!

Dean has put forth a 21st Century Globally Competitive funding goal plan for Stafford Schools:

  • Reduce the 5th highest K-7 student teacher ratio in VA

  • Improve Stafford’s 108 out of 132 ranking in per pupil expenditure
  • Provide Competitive salaries for teachers and staff
  • Help replace the 1000 computers that are 5-7 years old

  • Help replace 88 old school buses

  • Help fund $11M in future textbook purchases

  • Replace Stafford High School

  • Provide planning funds for a new CTE Facility
  • Remodel or Replace 5 aging Southern Elementary Schools

It’s time to cut the CORD and vote Fetterolf for Rock Hill Supervisor on November 8th!

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