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GOP’s Groundhog Day: More Weeks of Treason?

Feb. 2, 2013 — Today is Groundhog Day.  ‘Punxsutawney Phil’ predicted an early Spring.  But reading the news out of  Washington and Richmond, it looks like we will continue living with the Republican’s Winter of Discontent and suffer more weeks of Republican obstinacy. For

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No, We Can’t Stay Home Again

January 21, 2013 — In his inaugural speech yesterday, the President challenged us to come together as one community, one Nation to tackle big things and move America forward.  The pundits are effusive in their praise of this overture, as if it’s something

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Shenk: Olsen wins Republican primary for commonwealth’s attorney

Perhaps the biggest story to come out of Eric “Law & Order” Olsen’s primary victory is the amount of Republicans and Independents that I know, believe it or not I do know a few, who have indicated to me that

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“Furious George” Endorses Eric “Law & Order” Olsen

Republicans in Stafford County will head to the polls tomorrow to nominate a candidate for Commonwealth’s Attorney. The former chairman of the Stafford County Board of Supervisors, George Schwartz, recently weighed in on the race and strongly endorsed Eric Olsen.

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Olsen Implies “Law & Order” Endorsement in Campaign Mailer, Yard Signs Remain

In case you missed it, on Saturday, the Free-Lance Star covered “Law & Order-gate.” A spokesman for Universal Media Studio said, We have contacted the campaign and asked them to stop using the logo. As of this morning, these sorts

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Stafford County’s “Law & Order” Candidates Breaking the Law

On Tuesday, August 23, 2011, there will be a primary election for constitutional office candidates in Stafford County, Virginia. Despite what the two candidates running for the Republican nomination-incumbent Sheriff Charles E. Jett and Commonwealth’s Attorney Candidate Eric Olsen-would have

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Cooch Denies Existence of Health Care Lawsuit Records, Pushes Forward With Frivolous Lawsuit

In case you somehow missed it, Virginia Attorney General (AG) Ken Cuccinelli (R-VA) recently filed a lawsuit (Virginia v. Sebelius) that challenges the legality of the health care reform legislation signed into law by President Obama last week. Cuccinelli is

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