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DPVA: It’s time for Cuccinelli to “Come Clean” on Cost of Frivolous Health Care Lawsuit to Taxpayers

I’m not sure what is more troubling: the fact that Virginia’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is choosing to waste taxpayer money on a frivolous lawsuit challenging the recently passed federal health care reform law or the fact that he won’t

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Republican Controlled Prince William Board of Supervisors Passes Resolution to Send Cooch a Letter Thanking Him for Frivolous Health Care Reform Lawsuit

In a press release from the Prince William County Democratic Committee today, Chair Pete Frisbie blasted the Republican controlled Prince William County Board of Supervisors for voting to send a thank you note to Cuccinelli (R-VA) for his lawsuit challenging

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Starbucks to Offer More Sizes, Republicans Blame Health Care Reform

In a big announcement this morning, Starbucks has introduced two new beverage sizes to its U.S. stores: the Plenta and the Micra. Hugh Mungis, Starbucks VP of Volume issued the following statement: Whether customers are looking for a large or

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Cooch Denies Existence of Health Care Lawsuit Records, Pushes Forward With Frivolous Lawsuit

In case you somehow missed it, Virginia Attorney General (AG) Ken Cuccinelli (R-VA) recently filed a lawsuit (Virginia v. Sebelius) that challenges the legality of the health care reform legislation signed into law by President Obama last week. Cuccinelli is

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President Obama Signs Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act Into Law

In a second straight victory for the American people, the President signed the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act into law at Northern Virginia Community College in Alexandria, Virginia.  He was joined by Representatives Bobby Scott and Tom Perriello; the

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What Health Reform Does This Year: In 3 Minutes

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Gas Line Cut at Rep. Perriello’s Brother’s Home, FBI Investigating Incident

On Monday, two Virginia Tea Baggers posted what they believed to be the home address of Rep. Tom Perriello (R-VA) online. The only problem is that the address that was posted was that of Rep. Perriello’s brother Bo. The result,

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