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GOP’s Debt Double Talk

March 19, 2013 — I found this blog over the weekend.  It points out how Republicans created the debt and deficits that they now say are immoral and want you and me to pay for, while they protect their moneyed pimps and

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The Sequester: The Republican’s Economic Sabotage

March 4, 2013 – Once again, because Republicans in Congress would rather play politics and avoid potential primary challenges instead of doing what’s right for America, we are facing yet another crisis of their own making.  Of course, like Pavlov’s

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Weekly Address: BP Spill Independent Commission

But even as we continue to hold BP accountable, we also need to hold Washington accountable. Now, this catastrophe is unprecedented in its nature, and it presents a host of new challenges we are working to address. But the question

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Weekly Address: Wall Street Reform & Main Street

So, I just wanted to take a few minutes to talk about why every American has a stake in Wall Street reform. First and foremost, you have a stake in it if you’ve ever been treated unfairly by a credit

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Jon Stewart on Elena Kagan Nomination

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Krystal Ball to Convention Delegates: “Democratic values are American values”

Democrats helped Krystal Ball (D-Fredericksburg) shed the presumptive nominee label by selecting her to be the official democratic nominee from Virginia’s 1st Congressional District at a convention this past Saturday. Ball wasted little time in drawing a sharp contrast between

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Rekers’ Rent Boy Talks to CNN

This past Friday, the male prostitute who was hired by George Rekers spoke to Anderson Cooper 360. Oh yeah, Rekers still maintains that he didn’t know who he had hired until halfway through his trip. Again, I wouldn’t have any

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