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Dennen: NRC To Inspect Nuke Plant

As reported earlier today, last week’s Virginia quake may have actually exceeded design standards at the North Anna nuclear power plant. The reactors were automatically powered down when the power failed from the quake. An inspection team from the Nuclear

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Have a Hot News Tip or Comment?

I’m happy to announce that we’ve setup a way for our readers to provide us news tips or comments. A tab that says “Contact Us” now appears at the top of every page within our blog. Click on it to

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4/18 Week In Review: LMM Top Headlines

PWC Chairman Corey Stewart Compares Obama Administration to Nazi Regime, On Eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day Stewart Offers No Apologies for Nazi Comparison, Reaffirms Using Tax Dollars to Break the Law Delegate Bob Marshall Suggests Shooting Lawmakers Over Policy Differences

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News: Gov. Kaine Announces Four Virginia Enterprise Zone Designations

Today Gov. Kaine announced that Portsmouth, Staunton, Prince George County and Southampton County/City of Franklin (a joint zone) were designated as Virginia Enterprise Zones (VEZ). In a press released issued today by the Governor’s office, it was explained that “The

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