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GOP: Grumpy Old Pfarts!

January 29, 2013 — This past week, we witnessed a Republican Party that is becoming increasingly out of touch – and desperate to hold on to power and the past! On the state level in Virginia, GOP leaders continued their

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DPVA on McDonnell: “Misplaced priorities have struck again – and this time it’s our environment that is at risk”

The Democratic Party of Virginia released the following earlier today. Governor McDonnell: Drilling at any cost Meets with oil execs while Obama administration takes prudent steps to prevent future tragedies. The Democratic Party of Virginia is calling on Governor McDonnell

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Cooch Denies Existence of Health Care Lawsuit Records, Pushes Forward With Frivolous Lawsuit

In case you somehow missed it, Virginia Attorney General (AG) Ken Cuccinelli (R-VA) recently filed a lawsuit (Virginia v. Sebelius) that challenges the legality of the health care reform legislation signed into law by President Obama last week. Cuccinelli is

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Cooch Exposed as an Obama Birther, Called Out by DPVA

As Not Larry Sabato has reported, a tape from a 2009 campaign event has surfaced that shows Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R-VA) suggesting that President Obama was not born in America. Who knew that Cooch was a birther?! Moments

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McDonnell’s War on K-12 Education

The Commonwealth of Virginia is currently facing a $4.5 billion shortfall in the 2010-2012 biennial budget. All of this is on top of the $7 billion already cut under the prior biennial budget. Information continues to emerge in small doses

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