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What is The Truth About Eric Olsen?

In 2008, when Eric Olsen ran for Fredericksburg Commonwealth’s Attorney he had the following to say about his residency, “I have lived in the city [of Fredericksburg] my whole life.” In the voter’s guide that was just published by the

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Sen. Warner Rallies Voters in Support of VA State Sen. Edd Houck

On Sunday, Sen. Mark Warner appeared at a rally in support of Virginia State Senator Edd Houck’s (D-VA-17th) re-election campaign. Sen. Warner noted how Sen. Houck has been critical in helping to maintain and protect Virginia’s AAA bond rating. He

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Howell Supports Gutting K-12 Education, Misleads Constituents With Dishonest Letter (Should We Expect More?)

Here is the letter a teacher received in the mail from Speaker Bill Howell (R-28th) yesterday: There are so many things wrong with this letter; I don’t even know where to begin. Howell couldn’t be more dishonest and misleading –

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