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Sen. Warner Rallies Voters in Support of VA State Sen. Edd Houck

On Sunday, Sen. Mark Warner appeared at a rally in support of Virginia State Senator Edd Houck’s (D-VA-17th) re-election campaign. Sen. Warner noted how Sen. Houck has been critical in helping to maintain and protect Virginia’s AAA bond rating. He

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Hap Connors for Chancellor Supervisor, Spotsylvania County

During this election season, I’ve had my hands full with trying to cover the many races in Stafford County; however, I believe that Hap Connors deserves everyone’s attention. I’ve known Hap for some time and I can tell you that

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Sterling Continues Spreading Misinformation On Stafford School Budget

A little over a week ago, Stafford County Supervisor Cord Sterling (R-Rock Hill) appeared at a Tea Party rally in Stafford and did his very best to appeal to this fringe crowd. Regardless of our political differences, I used to

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SDC Chair Endorses Krystal Ball for Congress

As we learned from the last election cycle in Virginia, the perceived “safe” candidate doesn’t always equate to electoral success. This brings me to the 2010 race for Congress in the 1st Congressional District. Over the next several months, Democrats

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