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Delegate Bob Marshall Suggests Shooting Lawmakers Over Policy Differences is OK

At a recent Stafford County Tea Party rally, Delegate Bob Marshall (R-13th) suggests that it is OK to shoot lawmakers over policy differences. First we have Corey Stewart comparing the Obama administration to the Nazi’s, now we have this. Obviously,

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Stafford Tea Party Leader Vince Ellis is a “Hater”

Vince Ellis, leader of the Stafford County Tea Party, spoke at their April 10th Tea Party Rally in Stafford County, Virginia. He wanted to make sure that everyone knew that he was a “hater.” He hates sexual predators, he hates

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Cord Sterling Sheds Moderate Myth, Comes Out of Closet as Tea Bagger

On April 10, 2010, Supervisor Cord Sterling (R-Rock Hill) addressed his fellow tea baggers at a Tea Party rally in Stafford, VA. Sterling is the worst type of politician: one who will say or do anything to further his political

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