LogoMarc Broklawski is an IT guru from Stafford, VA. He is the Chair of Virginia’s First Congressional District Democratic Committee (2012 – Present); a member of the Democratic Party of Virginia’s State Central Steering Committee (2012 – Present); and is the former Chair of the Stafford County Virginia Democratic Committee (2008 – 2010).

Marc and his wife Amanda have lived in the Greater Fredericksburg area since 2002 and they are the proud parents of two children.


O.Hank! is a psuedonym for a local writer, who has worked in all levels of government – as a staffer and as an elected official. He works as a marketer and an advocate for innovative-based economic development. O.Hank! will use this space to comment on local, state and federal politics…and other things that make him angry and happy.

* The opinions of each author is his or her own.