Powell’s Not For Sale, Derides Cantor’s Auction of America

At a campaign rally that I attended for Wayne Powell (D-VA-7th District) this past Sunday, with special guest Madeleine Stowe, Powell derided Eric “For Sale” Cantor’s Auction of America.

With actress Madeleine Stowe, star of the hit TV show “Revenge,” looking on, Powell had the following to say, “This election, this year, is our ‘Revenge’ for Eric Cantor – who sold out this country every time he does anything.”

Powell proclaimed that the only pledge that he would take would be the pledge of allegiance. “Not the Norquist pledge or the Cantor pledge for the powerful and greedy.” And, in a shot at Cantor’s “Las Vegas Sugar Daddy”, Sheldon Adelson, Powell says, “And if you happen to go to Vegas and see Mr. Cantor at one of the craps tables with Mr. Adelson, you can bet on that!”

As the campaign recently pointed out via email,

Eric Cantor’s Las Vegas Sugar Daddy, Sheldon Adelson, is under federal investigation for violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The law strictly forbids American companies from paying bribes to foreign officials for business gain.

More than half of Adelson’s money comes from his casinos in China. Even John McCain is outraged at the possibility of foreign money being funneled into Republican campaign accounts.

Topping Adelson’s expense report is the $5 million he gave to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s “SuperPAC”.

They don’t call him Eric “For Sale” Cantor for nothing!

Also, Cantor’s “jobs plan” is to pay back his sugar daddies by getting rid of all of those pesky, job killing “regulations”.  Powell joked, “Those job creators out there, they can’t create jobs as long as they have all these regulations, like laws against fraud and theft and robbery. That’s a lot of regulations that they need to fight, you know, I understand that.”

Also, amid the recent controversy surrounding the ridiculous transvaginal ultrasound bill in Virginia, Powell chided Cantor’s or any politician’s interference with a woman’s right to control their own bodies and make their own medical decisions.

No politician, no governmental entity should be between you, the woman, or man for that matter. I mean if it has to do with vaginas it has to do with penises as well. No one can tell you what you can do with your body

In a recent poll by Hickman Analytics, when residents of Virginia’s 7th district were asked whether they supported a candidate who is pro-choice or one who is anti-choice, 68 percent of respondents said that they support the pro-choice candidate versus 23 percent for the anti-choice candidate.

These same respondents would like to replace Cantor. 43 percent would like to see him gone, while 41 percent would reelect him. These aren’t great numbers for an incumbent that’s in a perceived “safe” district.

From what I’ve seen of Wayne Powell, he’s going to give Eric “For Sale” Cantor a real run for his Las Vegas money! You can bet on it!


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