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Where’s Vanessa Griffin? Not in Aquia, But in Paul Milde’s Pocket!

It wouldn’t be an election in Stafford without a residency controversy. And, Stafford’s non-resident Commonwealth Attorney Eric Olsen is at the center of controversy again – this time sweeping someone else’s residency issue under the rug. Aquia School Board Candidate

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A Very Special Welcome to O.Hank!

Having taken a bit of a hiatus of late, I’m very proud to announce a new addition to the LMM team. O.Hank! is a pseudonym for a local writer, who has worked in all levels of government – as a

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Powell’s Not For Sale, Derides Cantor’s Auction of America

At a campaign rally that I attended for Wayne Powell (D-VA-7th District) this past Sunday, with special guest Madeleine Stowe, Powell derided Eric “For Sale” Cantor’s Auction of America. With actress Madeleine Stowe, star of the hit TV show “Revenge,”

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Madeleine Stowe: “How many steaks can you eat, Eric?”

I was out on the campaign trail this past weekend and attended a rally for Wayne Powell (D-VA-7th District). He’s a very impressive candidate and is going to give Eric “For Sale” Cantor a run for his Wall Street money.

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It Paves To Be Mudslide Mark!

Glad to see that SOMEONE is getting help from VDOT. Yes, that’s Mark Dudenhefer’s (R-VA-2nd) (a.k.a. Mudslide Mark) house on Legal Court in North Stafford (the one with the car backed into the driveway). And yes, he got VDOT to

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Olsen Loves Jury Trials, Unless He’s on Trial

In case you missed it earlier today, the petition for a Writ of Quo Warranto by David Johnston, challenging Eric Olsen’s residency, was dismissed on procedural grounds by Judge Ferris. It wasn’t dismissed because it lacked merit, as some sources

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Did Timothy McLaughlin Break the Law? has attained “publicly available information” that raises some pretty serious issues about Timothy “Tim” McLaughlin’s, candidate for Spotsylvania Supervisor in the Chancellor District, actions leading up to his run for Board of Supervisors. Based on publicly available information, we

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